My name is Domas Orintas and I am a Graphic Designer based in one of the Baltic States – Lithuania. I first got interested in graphic design more than 10 years ago, worked on freelance projects, then started studying in the Kaunas College and completed the Bachelor of Mutimedia Technology. Shortly after I got a Designers position at Kryptis agency. (It’s an incredible coincidence that the agency received a rebrand project from Kaunas College – so as a graduate I ended up creating the new identity for my college :) Not without the help of Kryptis team of course!) (if interested, you can check out the project here).

Currently I’m working as a Designer at Intelligen and freelancing on the side. I like to create my designs simple, clean and elegant unless the client wants something entirely different. My favourite type of design work – Logo and Identity design, however if you need something else I’m sure it’s solvable :)

My Skills

(in my humble estimation)
After Effects